All Gama pilots based in Hong Kong who are currently on flying duty are eligible to apply for additional TopCover benefits.

Gama pilots are automatically insured through the company policy for the Gama Group benefit of US$5,000 pm

Income Protection

The maximum available benefit is US$15,000 per month, including the $5,000 benefit provided by Gama.

Pilots can insure up to a maximum of:

75% of your gross income (total income – including all allowances), or

US$15,000 per month
– whichever is the lower sum.

Personal Accident

This is a cash lump sum payment in the event of death or a permanent injury.

The maximum benefit is $500,000 each, for you and your spouse.

Dependent children may also be insured.

Critical Illness

This is an immediate cash payment upon diagnosis of any one of the named illnesses. In addition any medical condition that permanently prevents you from flying can also trigger a benefit payment.

Benefits are available in increments of US$10,000 and the maximum benefit available is $150,000.

Critical Illness protection is also available for your spouse, for the named illness.

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