The Hong Kong Business Aviation Community (HKBAC) web site, is the TopCover access page for all eligible pilots flying for Hong Kong-based private and business jet operators.

As a professional pilot, you need the best possible cover. TopCover was originally designed for Cathay Pacific and DragonAir pilots and their large Group schemes, but now it is available to you as an individual pilot as well. If your aircraft owner changes management company in the future, your policy will remain in place if you are still with a company listed here in the HKBAC. If you leave Hong Kong or join a different company or airline, then contact us for assistance to move your policy.

Look for the information relating to your company, and then apply for your TopCover benefits using the on-line application forms. All transactions are between yourself and the insurance company directly – saving you time and money.


Designed by pilots for pilots, and now available to all professional pilots in the Hong Kong business aviation community.