After one year into my employment as a First Officer, I lost my medical and was grounded for a period of one year. Never in my life did I ever think I would find myself in such a situation. Thank God I had signed up for the TopCover income protection plan. Without many questions asked, my income protection claim was approved and payments began just as they said it would. TopCover really did 'Ease the Squeeze' during this trying time for me. Now I'm back at work and would strongly advise my colleagues to sign up with TopCover.
First Officer Dexter Elcock
The claims process was extremely straightforward... The TopCover staff have been extremely courteous and professional throughout my dealings with them and very quickly settled my Critical illness (cash lump sum) claim with no quibbling whatsoever. Simultaneously they were dealing with the processing of my income protection policy and have been quick to answer any of my queries, keeping me appraised of the whole process as it unfolded. Again, my income protection claim was approved very quickly and this has really taken a lot of the stress away from me.
First Officer Martyn Smith
If you have not taken out any Income Protection insurance, I strongly recommend you do. Despite the pain of paying the premiums it is worth it, believe me. I would hate to be where I am today with no TopCover financial backup.
Captain Richard Watson
I recently lost my Class 1 medical due to an unfortunate accident. I was covered by TOPCOVER, and it was an absolute blessing to receive such support and assistance from professional staff, during a very traumatic time! With very little effort from my side, and assistance offered by TOPCOVER, the lump sum for the personal accident cover was paid into my bank of choice. After the 180 day waiting period, I started receiving my monthly benefits, and continue to do so. I would highly recommend TOPCOVER to any everyone that is able to join their scheme! It is really a 1st class product!
Captain Nic Bac